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With a soulful R&B rhythm and a timeless feel, “It Ain’t Cool” by Drama Klub represents a fundamental shift in the group’s usual style. As you listen, you’ll be taken on a journey that feels all too familiar. Falling in love, feeling confused, and experiencing relationship ‘ups and downs’ every step of the way. The relatability of this brand-new track speaks to everyday life while connecting us to feelings and emotions that are oftentimes suppressed. 

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With smooth and therapeutic rhythms, “It Ain’t Cool” brings important yet low-key conversations to light. In turn, you’ll immediately notice subtle parallels to your own life embedded within the music. By listening to the heartache, indecision, and confusion encompassed by the partners in this song, you may even gain newfound insight into your relationship.


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It Ain't Cool  

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107K+ Total streams in 2 Months

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  • Intro - Da Plot
  • OOTO Interview
  • Yearnin's

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1. Intro - Da Plot

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3. Rush-In Rule-Let

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4. Strictly Creepin'

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5. OOTO Interview

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6. Funky Constellation

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7. S.A.T. The Baptism

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8. Suspicious

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9. Times is Tragic

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10. Yearnin's

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11. In Da Midst

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12. Crime Boss

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13. Rolla Coasta Ride

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14. Death Awaits Me

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15. Dreams Come True

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16. In Da Midst Inst.

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