The Magic of R&B Music

R&B music or RnB music is short for rhythm and blues. It has grown into a whole new concept of expression in modern society. Whether R&B echoes in the comfort of your bedroom walls or at a club on a Saturday night (pre-COVID-19), you can’t help but get sucked into the magic it creates.


What is R&B music?


In the 1930s, the so-called ‘father of R&B – Louis Jordan’ began experimenting with blues music and created a new form of ‘jumpy-blues.’ R&B contains upbeat rhythms and lyrics combined with humor – what we now call R&B. The new music dominated during and after World War II among African-Americans.


Urban Music is the term you might often hear as a description of contemporary R&B and Hip-Hop music. After the influences of thousands of artists over the years, R&B has now developed into ‘blues music with an upbeat rhythm that incorporates hip-hop, soul, funk, and electronic traits within it. Often credited to radio programmer Frankie Crocker, the term urban music denotes sizable African-American populations throughout America.


How to identify R&B music


Sometimes challenging to identify, R&B music combines variable song elements from other music genres. However, there are some characteristics of Rhythm & Blues music that are unique to its existence. Some of these characteristics include music that originates from the combination of vocals, instruments, and beat they create.

Dominant instrumentation includes electric bass guitar and syncopated drum patterns that combine the snare and bass drum to create a steady beat. Also, the lyrics often describe love, emotions, and sex. Similar to the Blues, R&B music originated as an African-American art form.


Some R&B songs incorporate cultural origins, such as expressions of pain, suffering, freedom, and the fight for happiness – something that almost all music genres express. R&B music has a powerful delivery of melody, harmony, and vocals rather than solely on the lyrics. Contemporary R&B artists include Usher, Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Drake, D’Angelo, and many more.

The original pioneers of R&B are numerous and include Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, James Brown, and many others.  Also, R&B music writers and producers use electronic technology, such as signal processing, drum machines, computers, and sound sampling.


Drama Klub recently released a single – “Ain’t It Cool” on The track takes listeners on a unique ride of emotions and chilling vibes with female vocals that dominate the piece. The song combines rap and a complex vocal melody with R&B music overtone throughout the song.


Spotify 2020



“It Ain't Cool” streamed in over 80 countries via 23 playlists for over 99,000 streams in less than three months! Spotify streams totaled over 2,553 hours. That’s amazing to us because it’s equivalent to listening to our song non-stop since October 7, 2020!