Chuck Malone, your favorite Underworld Crime Boss, committed another downtown hip-hop felony. Hidden from the Digital Crime Scene Unit (DCSU) is all of the scrambled electromagnetic frequency evidence from the Digi-video recorders. A heist of multinational proportions has reduced the financial intranets of the world to gravel! Decades of virtual surveillance and late developed informant meetings have fingered Crime Boss #1 Chuck Malone! Only one snag...


No charges, four long months were gone and thirty days remain before the six months DCSU Secret Indictment! Until then, how many MC's will be Vic? Who knows, if they can catch Chuck? The Crime Scene Committee "OOTO, Drama Klub, Big Cel, and NSV" connected on both sides of the law. Seek to eliminate all perpetrating odds. Their mission, simple but deadly -- plunder every fake rap squad of the world to extinction!


Drama Klub

After the disappearance of no-talent, clizza MC's. Drama Klub was elevated to prime suspect by the District Attorney along with the heinous Crime Scene Committee. Faithful to the C.S.C. credo, Drama Klub handled all heist associated and interrogation business to the fullest. In the aftermath, no formal charges filed. 


Drama Klub, released though subjected to intense questioning and infrared beams, eluded a problem some Grand Jury indictment. To-this-day, the Digital Crime Scene Unit maintains the involvement of Drama Klub in a recent heist that drew multi-national headlines. Forensic investigators never found the two night-shift security guards as inside detectives reveal the guards were moonlighting hip-hop MC's          

                                                                                     suffering from low record sales.

Big Cel

Prime Crime Scene Committee affiliate Big Cel, suspected of daring heists. Big Cel plays an integral role in the destruction of clizza MC's. With wide eyes watching, digital and the like, the only evidence left to implicate is Big Cel on the digital terra-wave audio prints left for the detectives at the Crime Scene. A rebel in da midst of action armed with killer lyrics capable of rapid-fire flows. Big Cel left his prints all over the Crime Scene.




NSV - North-Side Villin's 

Dizark Bizerk and Johnny Trump –aka- Villin' Suspects are holding it down in North Thugville. They victimize the competition's lyrical assets. Whack MC's never expect the ruin. NSV, noontime street thugs with computer wizard street smarts elevate lyrical crime to whole another level. Their missions… only executed by the Crime Scene Committee. Worldwide, no whack clizza MC is safe.


Dizark Bizerk, street-smart, racketeer, and slug-slinger, specializes in fraud and extortion. Suspect Bizerk, never been linked to a crime. "My luxurious lifestyle is like camouflage to a dark soul."

Johnny Trump -aka- "Always Primo Baby" is innocent til proven guilty. Suspect for life "Johnny Trump", Suffolk County New York's hood wearinthug villin' got educated at a crusty Long Island military academy and court martialed at sixteen. "Always Primo Baby" crash-landed in the streets after an embezzlement indictment for lyrically converting academy funds. With no choice, the academy declined to press charges and filed for bankruptcy. They never discovered the loot. "Don't do the rhyme $f ya can't do the cr$me." riffs Johnny Trump.


Having no moralistic value for their Vic’s, OOTO penetrates deep within fake MC's cliques like quicksand. D.C.S.U. reports indicate that no substantial recovered evidence. This is the trademark of the infamous OOTO, the D.C.S.U. detectives reflect. No motive and no real evidence, no bodies, nothing. All left are impossible assumptions that defy all law and physics of reality. 


C-Brewser and Abnormal are unsub criminals known for their notorious sound experiments and “Out Of the Ordinary” ghetto mentality. OOTO profiled by crime psychologists as deranged and dangerous.


However, subsequent to months of laboratory testing, highly acclaimed forensic scientists have only offered conflicting theories on how OOTO altered the DNA structures at the Crime Scene. Ironically, the yellow chalk traces perfectly fit the physical dimensions of missing MC's.


Official criminological lab documents contain information that reveal... "The chalk lines fit the exact physical dimensions of the security guards/rappers. However, no one ever discovered or found additional evidence. Last week, detectives detained Drama Klub again for questioning while leaving a NYC recording session. 


Cops find another dead end in a series of investigations regarding the digi-video electromagnetic frequency recordings. All questioning pursuant to an alleged international heist plot remains inconclusive. Chuck Malone in a remote hideout says evidence “has got to be undeniable”. The D.C.S.U. has to release Drama Klub because of insufficient evidence. Suddenly, with no-where else to turn, authorities and informants now fear the secret indictment may never happen. Question is to the whack emcees… who will survive?