21. January 2021
DAW or Standalone Music Sequencer?
Becoming a successful music producer can be tricky. Sometimes success depends on the chosen method of production. A digital audio workstation or DAW is used widely in the music industry. Before we can start comparing music sequencers, we should understand the difference between DAW and standalone music sequencers.
11. January 2021
Stephen Crooks - Felis.com
Chuck and I go back a long way; it would embarrass him all to hell to say how far. But somehow, through the decades, I managed to be just about the only designer/illustrator he knew. And he was CERTAINLY the only hip-hop producer I knew!
10. January 2021
The Music Plugin Revolution
Before we jump into the explanation of how plugins have indeed revolutionized music creativity, we must first define the art of music production. Producing music is like preparing a perfect meal. Each ingredient must be available with the best elements at the right time in the process. Likewise, in music, you have the opportunity to create anything you want. Everything is an option, but the quality of music depends on the arrangement.
11. December 2020
We discuss the magic of R&B music and how Hip Hop music influences each other.
08. December 2020
Share brief stories about epic encounters and experiences with Hip Hop music. If you have comments or an epic encounter with Hip Hop music send me a line and feel free to share! The world wants to know!